Less horsepower, more power (Schaffer owners opinion)

Cormac Clarke
Galbally, Co Tyrone

Cormac Clarke, a beef and hen farmer from Galbally, Co Tyrone, purchased a Schaffer 6680T from H Fulton Tractors in May after getting it for a demo.  


Cormac previously owned a JCB TM200, and said that when he had the demo, he noticed the difference straight away.


He observed that  “even though the Schaffer has less horsepower, it has more power and is much smoother and great power in the hydraulics” and that “it was better spec’d” than his previous machine. 

He also said that it was “very manoeuvrable, more so than the TM and especially in sharp corridors."


As well as feeding cattle, Cormac also uses his machine for cleaning out his hen houses and for buckraking.

He said that “it was flying with an 8ft buckrake on the end of her."


Cormac currently has just over 260 hours on his Schaffer 6680T and is very pleased with his purchase.



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